What is family mediation?

Family mediation helps you if you are going through a divorce or separation, to agree the financial, property or parenting and practical arrangements of their separation in a calm, friendly and fair manner.

Mediation that works

We use a method of mediation that we know works. We meet each party individually at first for an hour and then put plans together for the joint sessions.

The joint session usually covers any parenting arrangements first and then looks at the finances. We help you agree matters based on what the courts will take into account and you are welcome to seek independent legal advice at any point, or purchase our platinum divorce or one of our legal advice packages.

We will go through a full financial disclosure with you both and help you agree a fair and sustainable financial agreement. Where children are involved, we will also produce a full parenting plan which is made age relevant to the child. This plan not only covers the arrangements of where the child will stay and when but also covers holidays, schooling, religion, grandparents and more - we can also agree who will pay for all the additional expenses of bringing up a child.

On completion of your mediation we can convert any agreement reached into a legally drafted document through our solicitors - such as a divorces petition, consent order, separation agreement, or child arrangement order.

Family mediation is a proven way of helping both parties move on and reach a plan on what is going to happen. We do not judge, dictate or tell you what you should do. Instead we help you achieve resolution in a non confrontational manner.

Family mediation

Family mediation

Family mediation is the Courts' and Government's preferred method of reaching disputes. It saves you time, money and stress.

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