MIAMs Appointments

What is a MIAM appointment?

The first meeting you have with a mediator is called a MIAM – short for Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting. 

A MIAM runs for between 45 and 60 minutes. It provides you with an opportunity to find out how family mediation works. A family mediator is trained to work with you to find out whether mediation is right for you, your family and your family. The mediator will discuss with you the parenting, property and financial aspects that can be covered in mediation.

Anyone wanting to make a court application involving family proceedings (with some exceptions) must attend a MIAM with an accredited family mediator prior to an application being made to the court. It is felt that people, having attended a MIAM, are better able to make a decision as to whether mediation is appropriate for their situation.

Our MIAM appointments include taking an overview of your current situation and contacting the other party to invite them to mediation, if you want us to do so. If mediation does go ahead, you will not need to attend another initial meeting, We usually make two attempts at contacting the other party via email and letter over a three week period. 

The mediators at Surrey Mediation Service are accredited by the Family Mediation Council to carry out MIAM. A MIAM costs £96 (including VAT), and this includes us writing to the other party. A form for court costs £60 including VAT. We can arrange early evening appointments to fit in around your schedule.

Contact us here for more information on MIAM or, if you know that the court route is your only option, then click here to see our online MIAM offer.

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