Fixed fee

Child arrangement order

£ 699 inc. VAT
What is included
  • One hour initial consultation meeting with both parties individually

  • Up to 4 hours of joint mediation to agree all the parenting aspects

  • Evening and Weekend appointment available

  • A specialist family mediator to guide you to agreement

  • A professionally drafted parenting plan laying out your agreement

  • Advice on what plans have worked and areas where they can go wrong

  • Child maintenance arrangements formally agreed in the plan

  • A solicitor drafted child arrangement order and completion of form C100

  • Solicitor deals with all communication and submission of documents to court

  • Court approved child arrangement order making your agreement legally binding

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Fixed fee child arrangement order

Agreeing the arrangements for parenting can be one of the most stressful and difficult things to achieve during your divorce or separation. Our specially trained divorce mediators can help you resolve issues on where the children will stay, what will happen during school holidays, Christmas and other special events. We can look at health, schooling, religious issues, introduction to new partners and discipline. Our fixed fee child arrangement order package, includes plenty of joint sessions to allow you to agree a plan for the way forwards that puts the child at the centre of the agreement and stops you having to keep going back to court every time a change is needed.

In addition to this, our family law solicitor will draft a child arrangement order and submit an application to the court for your parenting plan to made into a legally binding order.

This package is currently only available through Guildford Family Court and both parents will need to attend the court to answer questions from the judge. The judge will want to be sure that making an order is in the child's best interests.