Barrister Review

Independent Barrister Review

Surrey Mediation Service have teamed up with Divorce Friend to offer you their independent Barrister Review on your case. Their Barristers are all experts in family law and will provide a neutral and professional view on your individual case. Call us on 0330 999 0959 to find out more.

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Stage One

We write a report of your situation, the issues that need to be resolved and what both of your views are on the issues to resolve. This is done from your meetings together and usually takes us one week to prepare.

Stage Two

Once you agree the report, we send this off to the barristers with your financial disclosure and any other relevant information.

Stage Three

The barrister clerk will allocate your case to the barrister with the best experience in that area and they will write a report on what the law is, how it is applicable to your case and what they think a court would order for a fair outcome. This takes up to 3 weeks.

Stage Four

You can either agree what is written in the report, mediate the issues to reach agreement, or reject the barrister recommendations. This is usually discussed at a 90 minute meeting together.