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Resolve your financial or parenting issues amicably, cost effectively and fairly.

Fixed Fee Packages

Legally binding fixed fee mediation and divorce packages from just £599

Quick & easy mediation

In 2017 we helped 91% of clients reach an agreement, saving them thousands on legal costs, time and stress.

We will help you divorce or separate using our tried and tested method of progressive family mediation. Founded in 2010, we have helped over 1500 clients divorce or separate amicably and our family law solicitors are on hand to help make your agreement legally binding.

Settle Divorce

We have offices in:

  • Aldershot, Hampshire

  • Woking, Surrey

  • Caterham, Surrey

  • Sutton, London

Getting divorced

You can purchase your solicitor managed divorce & mediation from just £599 per person with our fixed price divorce packages. Start the process for just £96....

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Legal separation

You can move on with a legally binding and fully mediated legal deed of separation for £699 per person. Start the process for just £96.....

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Family mediation

MIAM form for court? Help with child arrangements? Dispute over property or finances? Mediation is proven to help in most cases....

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Why choose Surrey Mediation?

Our mediation fees remain fixed at just £96 per person per hour -  including VAT.  We have excellent feedback from our existing clients - see Reviews.co.uk for our 5* reviews.  We also have a team of accredited family mediators and can offer evening appointments in our comfortable offices around Surrey.

The UK's most innovative mediation company  'getting to yes for less'

We have excellent 5-star reviews from our clients. Find out more

We can help you save £772 on mediation costs with our progressive mediation.


  • £96 per person per hour

  • No waiting lists

  • Informal, easy process

  • Strictly confidential

  • Deal with one person throughout

  • People involved decide what is discussed

  • Both parties can gain something

  • Does not require legal representation; legal advice can be helpful

  • People involved make their own agreement which can be made legally binding

Court hearing

  • Thousands of pounds for each party

  • May take months to to get a court date

  • Formal, complicated process

  • Open to the public

  • Deal with many different organisations

  • Only legal issues are discussed

  • There is generally a winner and a loser

  • Legal representation recommended with associated costs

  • Decisions are imposed by the court, and enforced by the court

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