MIAMs Appointments

What is a Miams appointment?

Since April 2011, the UK Government decided that anyone attending court to resolve a parenting or financial dispute should consider mediation before submission of their papers. From April 2014, this became compulsory in all family matters.

MIAMs stands for Mediation Information Assessment Meeting. It is a 45 - 60 minute, during which a specially trained mediator explains how mediation can help many separating families sort out their arrangements for any children and agree their financial settlement.

From April 2014, everyone who wants to apply to court in family proceedings (with some exceptions) must see an accredited mediator - recognised by the Family Mediation Council - to hear about mediation and to decide whether they want to try and resolve their disagreements in mediation. Not all cases are suitable for mediation and this is a meeting to consider mediation, not to make people actually mediate, as family mediation is always voluntary.

Our Miams appointments include taking an overview of your current situation and contacting the other party to invite them to mediation. If mediation does go ahead, you will not need to attend another initial session, you can go straight into the joint mediation. We usually make two attempts at contact via email and letter and allow 2 weeks at each stage for the recipient to respond. 

Surrey Mediation Service are accredited and recognised by the Family Mediation Council to carry out Miams appointments.

A Miams appointment costs £80 (including VAT), we will also write to the other party. A form for court costs £60 including VAT. We can arrange evening appointments to fit in around your schedule. 

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